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For a limited time only, I am offering this content at over 80% off. This package would normally retail at $520 ($10 per Newsletter). And, we have even thrown in a few alternate Newsletters to swap out as needed, should a specific topic not identify with your client base. Seriously, it is an absolute bargain at less than $2 per Newsletter!
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Utilize these 52 Newsletters so that you can spend your time on items that provide more value to your growing business!
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Written by professional copywriters, so there's no need to worry about the content you're sending to your prospects!
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ProFit has served over 1200 businesses and fitness professionals across the globe! 
Finally! Forget the Stress and Time-Draining Hassle of Developing Ongoing Lead Genenerating Content…
• Are you passionate about the fitness profession but struggling to find the hours in the day to nurture and expand your client base? Do you feel like you should be doing more follow-ups and writing more content for existing customers and prospects? 

• Do you feel overwhelmed and tired of trying to “do it all” to run your business? Have you ever felt the nagging twinge or voice inside telling you to “work smarter instead of harder”?

• Are you dreaming of prosperity and success, but unsure of where to begin?
If any of this feels familiar, believe me when I say that I hear you and I understand. Let me introduce myself. My name is Tim Lyons, fitness professional, longtime successful fitness studio owner, and the creator of ProFit Marketing Solutions.

I was once in the exact same place, trying to juggle everything in life. I wanted to love my quality of life, run an awesome business, do great things for my clients’ health and well-being and BOOM… I was spent and all of the hours in the day were gone. I found myself racing against the clock on a daily basis, struggling to find the time to write, create, and develop fresh, new, and engaging health and fitness-related content that I could tailor to my existing customers and prospects.

I wanted people to know that I was there as a support system and advisor in all things health and fitness… I wanted people to think: “Tim goes above and beyond, genuinely cares about my health and will be there for me in the future.” I wanted to be considered first as THE referral to friends, family, or acquaintances and to be kept automatically “front of mind” in the future. If you’re in this business, I’d wager that you may have had some of these thoughts. And if you have ever felt like you needed just a tiny bit more time, it’s not  your fault and it’s to be expected.
Effective Lead Generation is a Grassroots Campaign
You need to dig deep, make frequent touches, timely follow ups, and provide resources. The key is to provide consistent value for the sake of providing value and establishing yourself as a resource and trusted advisor. When you do this, your clients and prospects can see that you are simply there to help them on their path to success, and in turn you will see your client base expand greatly. Always remember to provide ongoing value and you’ll properly position yourself to grow.
Here's a quick example of what you'll receive:
This is Where ProFit’s Done-for-You Email Newsletter Campaign Comes into Play…
At ProFit Marketing we have had 52 awesome fitness email newsletters, plus a few additional newsletters for you to swap out, all pre-created so you can simply copy, paste and send! This expertly designed package was created by a Health and Fitness Professional along with professional copywriters!
You’ll Find Everything from Nutritional Tips, Exercise Tips, Recipes and Motivation in this Package…
And the great thing is that you can literally have a newsletter sent in 60 seconds or less! And what’s even better? It didn’t take weeks of your time to develop and craft this content!

In case you’re wondering…
How am I and ProFit Marketing Qualified to Advise You?
I love helping fitness professionals succeed on their entrepreneurial journey. It’s my passion. In fact, ProFit marketing now serves over 2000 businesses and fitness professionals across the globe, has generated over 500,000 leads, and created over $10 million in training revenue for our clients.

Take a peak at our website and services here!
Sounds Great, Tim… But How Much will a Plan like this Cost?
For a limited time, I am offering this content at over 80% off. This package would normally retail at $520 ($10 per newsletter). Seriously, it is an absolute bargain at less than $2 per newsletter template! Simply copy and paste and tailor it to each specific client or prospect. You’ll have a solid and planned marketing campaign for an entire year for a few pennies and a nickel per day. 

So what does it hurt to try it out? The potential gain here is immense in comparison to the price! 
Allow us to take this off your plate, so you can focus on your business. At a price this low, what’s the harm? I have personally reviewed this material, and as a fitness professional, successful fitness studio owner for over 8 years and fitness marketer I can verify that this is quality content. Ready to try it out? Even adding one single client would likely pay for this tiny investment many times over. Download today for unbeatable value! 

Rich Mejias says:

These emails were a no-brainer for me. Having a weekly newsletter done for me so that I can focus on the other aspects of my business like training and day to day operations saves me the time and money of me having to do it all myself! (Next Generation Training Center - Wyckoff, NJ)

Whitney Carullo says:

This email campaign is awesome! It's like having a professional copywriter on staff! I love the fact that I don't have to worry about the content I'm delivering to my list, everything is as professional as it can get! (Liven Up Fitness - Bethlehem, PA)

Frank Nash says:

For me, it came down to time. You're telling me that for less than $2 a newsletter I can have professionally written emails to send to my list of prospects? How could I not say yes! This saved me HOURS of work! (Frank Nash Training Systems - Worcester, MA)

Brian Teague says:

Having these done-for-you newsletters is great! It frees up valuable time for me that I can then give to my clients! (Genesis Performance and Fitness - Cumming, GA)
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