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Owning a Gym Shouldn’t Feel Like Hell.
Spending upwards of 40 hours each week in your gym with no end in sight? 

There is a better way!

Keep reading to find out how we're helping gym owners just like you, break free from the day to day operations of their business and taken their lives back!
Running a Gym Shouldn’t Feel Like Hell.
The ProFit 8-Week Coaching Program fixes that. 
automate your processes for lead generation
build a business that will scale without you in it 
Systematize yourself out of the day to day operations
There’s a huge shift that’s happening in the fitness industry today.
Gym owners are now starting to realize that the way they’ve been approaching lead generation and sales just isn’t working. 

They’re no longer willing to put up with 14+ hour days, inconsistent income, and the stress of losing clients faster than they can find new ones. 

And they know they’re not alone.

See, gym owners who take advantage of this shift early are in an amazing position to finally build thriving, high-income business… because they have wide-open opportunities to maximize membership, sales, and profits while everyone else is still struggling to keep their gym businesses alive. 
What’s this shift about (and how can I use it to my advantage)?
Think back over your last several attempts to drive membership sales. 

If you’re like 99% of fitness business owners, you’ve tried a wide range of things like: 
  • Running "6 Week Challenges" and other common gym "plays"
  • Offering discounts
  • Offering free trial memberships
  • Running Facebook Ads
  • Running Google Ads
  • Hiring a Marketing Agency
  • Posting on IG 6x a day
  • And on and on…
But none of those tactics have consistently worked, have they? 

Maybe you got a few new members from your efforts… but the next month, they’re gone. 

So no matter what you’ve done, your business income just won’t stabilize. 

Maybe you’ve taken on a part-time job or two to make ends meet (while still running your gym, I know). 

And I’m almost certain that you’ve spent a few nights staring at the ceiling, wondering how much longer you can keep up this pace, provide for your family, and still maintain your sanity! 
Well, the shift I told you about can make all of that go away. 
Today’s gym business owners are implementing predictable, low-maintenance systems into their businesses, instead of worn-out tactics that attract low-quality, short-term clients. 

They’re stabilizing and growing their incomes.

And they’re getting back their lives. 
So what are these systems? 
There are 5 categories of systems that, when implemented into your business, virtually eliminate stress, guesswork, and inconsistency in any fitness business: 
You're the capstone of your organization. Before we dive into the business systems, we're going to ensure your mindset is ready for success.
Developing quality Attraction Systems for your business will ensure you always have new blood coming into your organization.
Once leads enter your business, your Conversion Systems take over and ensure those leads become new members.
Ensure the client experience is controlled by the business by ensuring your Delivery Systems are in place and working effectively.
Provide greater results while making more money by ascending clients up your value ladder with your Assension Systems.
How do I know? I’ve stood where you stand.
I’m Tim Lyons, and back in 2009, I opened a 3,100-square-foot gym. 

I was there night and day - not because I wanted to be, but because I had to do a TON of different tasks to save on payroll and keep the lights on. 

Thing was, I LOVED helping people get healthy and fit… but I grew to resent owning a gym

Eventually, I broke down and asked my family for help. That was the point when I knew: 

If I wanted to keep changing lives, I needed to come up with a simple, repeatable way of attracting and keeping high-quality clients. 

It took several years of successes and mistakes (and a LOT of borrowing from family and friends)... but I eventually perfected the five key business systems I told you about earlier. 

And today, I run a thriving 8,000-square-foot facility - the top-ranked personal fitness facility in Arizona - with over $1 million in annual revenue. 
Would you like me to teach you my business systems? 
Because I get calls and PMs from gym owners every day asking me how I’ve managed to build a business (and income) like that in such a competitive industry… 

I’ve decided to package every detail of all five systems (and then some) into a strategic 8-week program: 
ProFit Private Client Coaching
8 Weeks to Consistent Income, Loyal Clients, and a Business That Can Function (And Scale) Without You!
Forrest Walden - Iron Tribe Fitness
Kelsey DeSanctis
Kilo Strength Society
Kelsey, with the help of the ProFit Team, has brought automation into her business for her Client Lifecycle. After spending two days with Tim and Randy, she now has a complete automated process for all of her lead nurture and client touch point emails, voicemails, and text messages!
Shawn Kephart
K180 Fitness
After owning his facility for nearly 21 years, Shawn now has the systems and automation in place to take hours of work off his plate each week! With the systems Shawn has now has at his disposal, he can now focus on growth without adding extensive hours to his schedule each week!
Dimitri Giankoulas
Pure Motivation Fitness
Dimitri has been able to scale his business by ensuring he's got the right people, in the right positions, handling the right functions of the job! Never underestimate the power of having the right person handling the task at hand!
Gerry And Casey Washack
Fit In 42
Gerry And Kasey's Follow Up Process Was Archaic. After Tim's Coaching, They Now Have A Fully Automated Pre-Sales Process Booking Consultations On Autopilot. They Will Never Miss Another Lead Again!
Steve And Kate Hlavac 
Beyond Measure Training
Steve And Kate Were Manually Doing All Follow Up Calls, Texts And Emails And Couldn't Keep Up. Now They're Booking Appointments While They're Spending That Time With Family Instead!
Jeff and Julia Larish
Dead Red Conditioning
Jeff Was Working From 5am To 9pm Everyday, Wearing All The Hats. Now He's Hired A Full Time Staff And Gets To Be Home For Dinner With His Kids Every Night While His Staff Executes His Processes!
If you’re tired of watching clients leave as quickly as you can attract new ones… 

If you feel a twinge of guilt when you have to say to your family, “Sorry, we can’t afford that this week”...

If you can’t remember the last time you took a “day off” without spending the whole time trying to figure out business problems in your head…

We need to talk. 

ProFit Private Client Coaching combines short, action-focused training videos to learn, master, and implement the five powerful systems you need to finally get control of your business, your income, and your time, and group coaching calls to dive into specific questions and ensure you have everything you need to succeed!

No more 14+ hour days. 

No more Uber driving or other fill-in-the-gaps jobs to steal the rest of your family time. 

No more wondering if your gym is still going to be in business a year from now. 
Let’s see if ProFit Private Client Coaching is right for you.
I’m strictly guessing here, but if you woke up a year from now and your gym business looked like it does today… I doubt you’d feel all that fantastic about it. 

BUT… waking up a year from now and knowing you own a thriving fitness business that can operate flawlessly whether you decide to show up or not - that feels a LOT better, doesn’t it?

So let’s do this:

Click the button below and schedule a time for us to have a short conversation about the ProFit 8-Week Private Coaching Program. 
I’ll explain the entire program in detail, answer all of your questions, and if this is the right step to finally grow your dream business, I’ll walk you through the simple registration process. 

If not, no worries - we’ll part as friends and you’ll have some valuable tips to kickstart growth in your gym business. 

Now, I do want to be clear that this program is an investment in your business and your future. If you’re looking for success from a $39 ebook or a $500 workshop, I’m afraid I can’t help you.

I will tell you, though, that I’ve set up a couple of affordable payment plans to make it easier to tap into these proven systems and transform your business in just 8 weeks. 

There are only a handful of spots open at any given time for this program, so be sure to book your call now. 

The longer you wait, the more sleepless nights you have to endure!
P.S.: If you’ve decided not to find out more about this program, what is your plan for increasing and stabilizing your income? I’d love to tell you that “hope” is a strategy, but…
automate your processes for lead generation
build a business that will scale without you in it 
Systematize yourself out of the day to day operations
P.S.: If you’ve decided not to find out more about this program, what is your plan for increasing and stabilizing your income? I’d love to tell you that “hope” is a strategy, but…
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